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Postby Josh Morse » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:46 am

I purchased an Eskimo Viper 71cc Ice Auger at the end of 2015. I have used this Auger 30 weekends at most. I store it in a heated basement and it is kept in a full case. I purchase s stroke pre mixed fuel from Home Depot, to ensure that the 50:1 mixture is correct and consistent. I was using this past Tuesday and in the middle of the 7th hole, it seized up. I pulled the spark plug and sure enough, it has been hit. I'm assuming there must be piston and connecting rod failure. I have emailed Eskimo 3 times and asked for help, with nothing in response. I have searched to purchase parts online with no success. I was very satisfied with this auger, until this failure and now that I can't get Eskimo to even contact me, or find parts myself - I am very frustrated. I feel that after spending nearly $600.00 on the auger, that it should last MUCH longer than two seasons. And Eskimos service department certainly is not impressing me. I just wanted to share my experience with you. Not sure what to do now.....
Josh Morse
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