sintered bronze bushing,bronze bearing,flanged brass bushes

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sintered bronze bushing,bronze bearing,flanged brass bushes

Postby slidingbearings » Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:07 am

INA rolling bearing selection application principles
The INA bearing arrangement includes not only rolling bearings, but also bearing-related components such as shafts and housings. Lubricant is also a very important part of the bearing configuration, because the lubricant to prevent anti-corrosion SF-1 oil-free bearing wear, so that the bearing can fully play a role. In addition, the seal is also a very important component, the performance of the seal on the lubricant clean SPB self-lubricating bearings clean is essential. Maintaining cleanliness has a profound effect on bearing life, which is why lubricants and seals have become part of the SKF bearing business WQZD with side edge of the reasons why the self-lubricating bearings.

(1) Composite Bushing the size of the load, direction and nature

Load is the most important factor in the selection of bearings. Roller bearings are used to withstand heavier loads. Ball bearings are used to withstand light or medium loads, carburized steel or bainitic hardened bearings, which can withstand shock and vibration loads. In the direction of the role of load, pure radial load to bear, the choice of deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings or needle roller bearings. Bear a smaller pure axial load, the choice of thrust ball bearings; bear a larger pure axial load, the optional thrust roller bearings. When the INA bearings to bear radial and axial joint load, the general selection of angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings. For cantilever support structure, often using tapered roller bearings or angular contact ball bearings, and used in pairs.

(2) bearing the mechanical space and position

In mechanical design, generally determine the size of the shaft, and then, according to the size of the shaft selection of rolling bearings. Usually a small axis selected ball bearings, large selection of roller bearings. However, when the INA bearings in the direction of the diameter of the machine is limited, the selection of bearing manufacturer, special light and ultra-light series of ball or roller bearings; When the axial position of the machine in the machine is limited, the choice of narrow or Special narrow series of ball or roller bearings.

(3) the rigidity of the bearing

Bearing rigidity, refers to the bearing unit deformation required force size. Rolling bearing elastic deformation is very small, in most machinery can not be considered, but in some machinery, such as machine tool spindle, bearing rigidity is an important factor, generally should use cylindrical and tapered roller bearings. Because these two types of bearings in the load, the rolling body and the raceway are point contact, poor rigidity. In addition, various types of bearings can also be preloaded to achieve the purpose of increasing the bearing rigidity. Such as angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, in order to prevent the shaft vibration, increase the bearing rigidity, often in the installation of pre-imposed certain axial force, to mutual compression. Here, in particular: the amount of preload should not be too large. Excessive, it will increase the INA bearing friction, temperature rise, affecting the bearing life.

(4) aligning performance of the bearing

When the centerline of the shaft is different from the center line of the bearing suppliers there is an angle error, or because the two bearing spacing is large and the rigidity of the shaft is small, it is easy to be bent or inclined by the force. Heart or spherical roller bearings, as well as outer ball bearings. These INA bearings are designed for normal operation when the shaft is slightly inclined or bent.
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